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An historical foray into the chemical laboratory

The temporary Exhibition was designed as a travelling Exhibition. With eight thematic displays the exhibition explores the tradition of chemical research and the development of the chemical laboratory.
It begins with the medieval fire assaying and ends with the contemporary Theory Laboratory. The thematic displays symbolize milestones on the development of scientific practice.

The Carl Bosch Museum displayed the temporary exhibition at the following venues:

6. August to 4. November 2012
Technische Universität Berlin

15. April to 8. July 2012
Universität Bonn

18. March to 27. June 2009
University in Leipzig

12. April to 30. August 2008
Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena

14. August to 20. October 2007
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich

16. May to 4. August 2006
University of Karlsruhe in Karlsruhe